Evaluating (Ruby) Libraries

Whenever we need to solve a problem in our application, if this problem is common enough, chances are there are already libraries out there which can help us with that. Great, now we just pick the library with most GitHub stars, and start integrating it into our project. So, the next thing—

Shrine 2.0 Released

Shrine is a full-featured library for handling file uploads in Ruby applications. Main advantages of Shrine are good design, loads of flexibility for achieving maximum performance and best user experience for any use case, and advanced features like backgrounding, direct uploads, logging and more.

Asynchronous File Uploads

Accepting file uploads in web applications is very delicate, because all actions for dealing with attachments are slow:

Introducing Shrine – A file upload toolkit

I’m really excited about this. I’ve just released Shrine, a new solution for handling file uploads in Ruby applications. It was heavily inspired by Refile, most notably its idea of backends. However, unlike Refile, it is designed primarily for upfront processing (as opposed to on-the-fly). It’s also inspired by CarrierWave’s idea of uploaders.